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"Between the Trades"

All General Contractors and Construction Managers in the Construction Industry require skilled labour to complete tasks that are difficult to have sub-contractors supply competitive firm pricing on due to the scope of work. This work is usually completed by own forces under the supervision of the General Contractors or Construction Managers Site Superintendent.

When a General Contractor and Construction Manager is short on manpower they usually hire from a temporary Labour Agency on an hourly basis. Our Company has used these same agencies in the past and getting temporary skilled employees that met our requirements was difficult. Many times these employees are a no show, do not return the next day, report to the site with no WCB personal safety gear, report without basic carpentry tools or have very little or no experience for the task at hand.

Our Company offers a program called “Between the Trades” to help solve this.

We supply skilled labour to complete work that does not specifically fall within a trade’s scope of work or if you find yourself short staffed. Based on your requirements we will pair you with either a single worker or a crew with a designated lead hand to complete the required tasks for you on a time and material basis. We will not send workers to your site that do not have experience for the requested work or without personal protective safety gear or basic carpentry tools.

For projects requiring a crew your Site Superintendent can provide our lead hand with a list of tasks required to be completed, our crew will complete these tasks with minimal additional supervision and once complete request additional tasks. By managing our own crew your Site Superintendent can free up his or her time to focus on other more important matters at hand knowing a competent lead hand is looking after their interests.

Our hourly rates covers all labour overburden costs as well as WCB costs.

If you require any more information or require a quote for your project please contact Dean Pomeroy at 604-529-9200 ext. 2 or Cellular 604-992-3618.

Thank you.

Morrison Hershfield

"This confirms that PR Pomeroy Restoration & Construction and Morrison Hershfield have successfully worked together on a number of projects, including Fairview Court in Vancouver, BC. In all those projects, we have appreciated the cordial approach of PR Pomeroy, and the willingness to achieve the common goal, namely a successful project for all participants. We look forward to future opportunities working together. Good luck in future endeavours.

Pierre E. Gallant, MAIBC, AAA, MRAIC
Principal, Vice-President
Buildings & Facilities
Morrison Hershfield


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"Between the Trades"

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